About Us

Who Are We

“Analytical Instruments Pvt Ltd’s agriculture division is a pioneer in supplying agriculture equipment to the Sri Lankan farmer. Our value chain starts from farmer and extends all the way to large conglomerates and milk collectors.

Our motto is to enable technology transfer for the national milk program towards self-sufficiency in milk in Sri Lanka. We are market leaders in milk analysing equipment, milk production and collection equipment. We also are participants of the national veterinary vaccine program in Sri Lanka for the Foot and mouth disease eradication program and Rabies control national program. These are a few noteworthy milestones of the agriculture division in the historical journey of the company.

The division has made significant contribution over the years providing infrastructure for upgrading the dairy industry in the country; importation of heifers, grass seeds for quality fodder development, artificial insemination for upgrading the genetics of cattle, milking systems for hygienic milk extraction, Milk cans and bulk milk coolers for milk transportation and storage etc. Our product portfolio also includes ultrasound scanners and Haematology and Biochemistry related Laboratory range analysers. Our very capable sales team has an extensive dealer network and has coverage over the whole island.”

Our Vision

To be the leader in the High Technology; respected for the value created in Society and to establish and enhance industry standards through innovation, integrity and professionalism.

Our Mission

To be the most focused high technology solutions provider based on enduring customer success,  through an inspired team of professionals committed to good governance and finest operating standards.

Warehouse and Distribution

Our supply chain ensures the quality of the product from its departure from manufacture warehouse until it reaches to customer. Our state-of-the-art warehouse complex consist of different environmental controlled zones to maintain the product storage requirement.




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